Plant Intuit emerged from our shared connection with nature, design, spirituality and a dedication to personal growth. This plant-inspired work evolved from studying at the same institution. A short conversation at a school event revealed that we both brought our personal spiritual journeys to landscape design. That sparked our collaborative exploration. It wasn’t until we turned to the plants for guidance that we learned what we would develop — teachings that incorporate wild and domestic plants and trees with personal growth.


Phoebe Patten, PlantSpeak

My professional path has taken me from Human Resource Specialist to Mom, and from Landscape Designer to Energy Intuitive. Human Resources trained me to “read” people, while my children taught me that although we are all connected, we only belong to the Universe. Landscape Design showed me how to connect physically and spiritually with Nature, the miraculous healer. This life training informs my current work as an Energy Intuitive that gives me the opportunity to combine my natural-born intuitive gifts with Reiki as I work with the energetic body. Find out more information about my services and about Plantspeak Divination Cards at


Corinne Hollister, Earth Dance Design

I am dedicated to creating gardens that honor the wild and healing powers of nature, while bringing beauty and design to the forefront of urban living. My business has offered garden design, installation and stewardship services in the Seattle area for 15 years, with an emphasis on organic, sustainable practices. My work is shaped by my Idaho farm-girl childhood, 10 years of environmental reporting, world travel, study and practice of indigenous ceremony, and a steadfast motivation to build bridges connecting people and nature in their own gardens, whether measuring two acres or a few square feet on a balcony. You can find out more about me and my garden work at



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